Sub-Sahara Africa: Digital skills to be required for 230 mln jobs by 2030 (IFC)

Sub-Sahara Africa: Digital skills to be required for 230 mln jobs by 2030 (IFC)

Close to 230 million jobs will require digital competence in Sub Sahara Africa by 2030, the International Finance Corporation (IFC) indicates in a report published last week.

According to the institution, the demand for digital competence will grow quicker in Sub Sahara than in other regions. It should be fuelled by rapid economic growth, digitalisation and automatisation in the agriculture, manufacture and services sectors.

The report adds that such demand could create a potential education market of more than $130 billion profiting investors and operators in that sector.

By concentrating on training its future workforce on digital competence, Africa may record stronger economic growth and reduce unemployment. About 80% of the actors in the industrial sector interviewed by the authors of the said report indicated that Africa’s economic growth could be negatively affected if the digital competence offers are insufficient in the coming years.

What is certain is that approaches to learning need to be reconsidered. Education must move from simply schooling to learning with a priority on the development of skills, such as critical thinking, problem solving, and creativity—required for jobs emerging in the twenty-first century,” said Sergio Pimenta, IFC’s Vice President, Middle East and Africa. “The sector is ripe for private sector investment and participation,” he added.

Moutiou Adjibi Nourou-(Ecofin Agency)

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