Plans put forward to improve Libyan-Tunisian trade relations

Plans put forward to improve Libyan-Tunisian trade relations Jamal Suissi, the representative of the Libyan businessmen delegation participating in the Tunisian-Libyan Investment Conference in Tunis, has called for reactivation of joint agreements between the two countries in the field of trade exchange. Suissi stressed in a press statement that the development of Tunisian-Libyan investments requires […]

How Africa’s young entrepreneurs are changing the trade landscape

Africa has always been and will continue to be a dynamic landscape, from both a physical and a human geography perspective. While in the past the continent’s rich resources were used for the advantage of others, the time is now for Africa to move into a new era of self-sufficiency born out of increased trade. […]

When mobile meets modular: Pay-as-you-go solar in rural Africa

  One of the most pressing developmental challenges in sub-Saharan Africa is the dire need for modern energy services among the energy-poor, low-income communities who are beyond the reach of economically viable electricity grids. Some three-quarters of Africa’s rural population lack access to electricity, forcing them to rely on expensive and dirty fuels like kerosene […]